Sellers at the Expo

Plant Sellers

The following sellers have confirmed their attendance:

Please Note: We have limited the number of sellers, so that everyone can get a piece of the pie, we just ask that the plant sellers stick to selling plants only…any plants, please don’t sell pots or fertilizer or anything but plants.

Chris Viljoen
Liz Boyd
Sean Chubb
MC Orchids
Clivia Guy (Rouzell) – Clivia Sales
Anton en Anton Snr
Pikkie en Elize – Cliviamart
Vrijehof Clivias (Chris de Vry) – Clivia Sales
Aquaflora – All plants
Martie – Cactus King
Johan Verster – Pots and Ceramics – Clayink
GS Orchids
QtPie Gifts – Succulents
Fern Haven (Rouzell)
Wolf – Mooiplaas Daylillies en Iris
Linus Claasen – Bulbs
Francois van Rooyen – Gems Wildflowers
Lelanie Trollip – Bark enterprizes and coco husk
Dave Wylie – Epi,s and Zycactus